Daybreak | Angel's Landing

The air is still and hushed with nightfall. Early awakening always carries with it the temptation of lingering in comfort, where flesh and bone betray the endeavor of rising. We have purposed in our hearts to exchange the usual fare of dawn for a glimpse of the daring infused with the spectacular. Our bold destination is found at the end of a steep chain flanked winding trail along a perilous rocky spine, navigated only by whispered prayers and trusty headlamps.

Silently we climb, almost as an act of worship, through inky blackness interrupted only by the grandeur of a silvery moon and precious starlight resting itself upon steep red rock. The canyon air is warm as we cross the bridge that seems to lead to the very gates of heaven itself. A place where angel's come to roost and stand witness with us to mercy that is new every morning, a splendorous daybreak that creates a union between the immortal and the finite. Retreat is no longer an option, perseverance has won, glory has triumphed over the mundane. 

There is a chill present as the summit closes in; impending sunlight promises its inevitable banishment. What cannot yet be seen is still experienced...the scent of rich red sandstone woven together with trail sage, fragrant oak and delicious pine that become a healing tonic to the soul. We are ever aware of the void that surrounds us, consciously ignoring the possibility of joining it should our steps fail.

The top is ours now, lonely and austere, for a second we own what cannot be possessed, as more reasonable souls stay hidden and content in the valley below. The opening act begins as a snippet of golden light off in the distance, the quiet carries with it its own melody as the earth tilts towards the first blush of day...and in the silence you hear the faint rush of angel's wings as this graceful cliff meets morning sky. For a brief moment we have been accepted into the secrets of majesty.

The landing finds itself illuminated while our breath is caught and captured in our throats; we pop the cork to toast and celebrate the beauty of this precious moment, waiting here. wrapped in awe. as the taste of bliss settles in our mouths. We will linger for awhile, in the dazzle, filled to the brim with gratitude and giddy from sampling eternity.