There is something holy about this place with its austere beauty, something healing found amongst the tumbleweeds. Absent from distraction, Joshua Tree is all blue sky and boulders. It is endless roaming, a wondrous meditation, where the serene topography beckons you into the silence.
We journey here for answers that only the quiet can offer and surround ourselves with a minimalistic elegance that both heals and inspires. Where we stay and where we dine is all part of the experience for us. It is an holistic approach to nature that we strive for, a combination of comfort and adventure which we find restorative to both body and soul. 
We selected a resting place that we felt defined Joshua Tree, lodging is an art form unto itself and we appreciate unique and inspired design. We chose Ting's House through airbnb and it did not disappoint. White walls, innovative furnishings and a private yard to stargaze from...desert nirvana had become ours. 


This was a team trip, a time to bond, to remember why we do what we do. Any passion can become an obligation if you allow it, so we find these moments invaluable. A space to re connect and rediscover the original intention of Ethics, to offer a scent filled invitation into the places that have brought us so much joy.

This endeavor was ALWAYS meant as a labor of love, a reminder of sorts that outside of our busy lives there are still places largely untouched that offer us their magic and make us new again. Its less about a product and more about an experience...the badlands of beauty and boulders, the big show in a jar.