Live Loved


I find myself tangled up in wildflowers & joy this morning, reflective upon this journey. Of all our 12 scents, this one is nearest & dearest to my heart. More than a scent… a philosophy forged upon the red earth soaked trails of Utah, found beneath canopies of oak in Ojai...whispered in the almost holy blackness of a Great Basin star filled night. Come child, the sunshine & wind seemed to beckon from the sanctuary of peaks & redwoods, come live as one who is loved.

Somewhere along the way I would offer up a tentative yes, surrendering once & for all a heavy laden metaphorical backpack of ash & grave dust paired with a cloak of sorrow in exchange for beauty, new life & a garment of praise.

There are times, I must admit, I’ve looked back both to bear witness to how far I’ve come from the rocky shorelines of abuse & despair but also, on occasion, in temptation to return to the familiar, the pain that felt like home. Yet I stumble upward nonetheless, finding fortitude & encouragement from the Author of the trail Himself.

To live as one who is loved has become my creed, for I’ve found that when you acknowledge that you are fearfully & wonderfully made & cherished beyond measure, you begin to see others in that same light also. There is room for us ALL at this table.

So in a grateful response to what has been given…freedom from the paper chains of yesteryears, I've made a humble, heartfelt attempt to bottle up the experience in scent with a gentle reminder upon the jar for those who may not already know or might just need cheering on through a storm towards the summit- you are oh so beautiful, completely spectacular & dearly & desperately on, the best is yet to come