Rise 2023

Dear Beloved Adventurers,
I hope this post finds you well, that life has been kind to you despite the ongoing turmoil in the world, and that exploration and experience abound; gently paired with a quiet peace. May all of us find ourselves flourishing n 2023.
We went through quite a storm together. As with all storms there was an end, then a dawn, as life resumed once more after the pandemic. 
Personally, the last three years were extraordinarily challenging. Grief and loss were prevalent as was an underlying health condition that I blissfully ignored until it nearly took my life just over a year ago. 
Yet these storms have also passed. The silver lining is much the same as the pandemic's end, life endeavors on. 
This time, I've vowed to do it differently. Whatever priorities were askew have been righted & rearranged under the wisdom of faith, family, therapy, and generous amounts of rest. Seeing every day for the gift it is, I've lost the sense of hurry and have replaced anxiety with unceasing gratitude.
We have paused Ethics just for a moment as we rebrand. It feels like all things need to be new. A fresh start, a resurrection, a future accompanied by hope. 
The same scents will be offered, but we are adding to them daily. Many will be available by the end of next month. With each one comes a question, do I believe in this, would I want it in my home, is it a humbling and honoring invitation into the quiet, where love reigns and answers abound; the wild-lands we all share that entice our senses and heal our souls? Whatever it is it must be authentic. 
My hibernation is ending, my heart is restored. Please accept my sincerest thank you for journeying with us along this trail as we watch the miracle of new life, where beauty is exchanged fr ashes, and exuberant gladness replaces a river of sorrow. 
Much Love to You and Yours,
Laura Lavery 
Founder | CEO
Ethics Supply Co