Who Is My Neighbor?

Buy One Give One Bar Soap Donation

In a community where basic necessities such as soap, laundry detergent, food, and clean water are a scarcity, the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation show relentless determination to improve their circumstances. 



While unemployment, life expectancy, infant mortality, and the diseases of diabetes & alcoholism remain issues on the reservation, there are more doctors, accountants and college graduates now than at any time in their history. They are striving to improve their diets by reintroducing native foods & treating addiction through holistic & cultural remedies.  



As they are a strong and proud people and there is no doubt they will be successful - they could use support just as no one is exempt from the need for one another. All of us can use a hand from time to time. 



In this coming month, we are partnering with Team One Spirit to support the Pine Ridge Reservation by having a soap donation drive. Buy one Fine Soap Bar at regular price and we will donate an additional bar to the Pine Ridge Reservation.



So, “Who Is My Neighbor” is what we are calling this endeavor. We feel strongly that our neighbors are not always found on our own block, or only among our friends or family. We believe our neighbors are humanity as a whole. 



We come from the premise that neighbors are found wherever there is loneliness, need or marginalization. We share an interconnectedness with all living things, and therefore when one of us hurts we all hurt. The Native Americans have known this for generations and we humbly approach what they are going through with teachable spirits realizing that there is so much to learn from them as a people. 



It is an honor to help in this small way, we wish we could do more but if all of us take whatever bucket of hope filled water we have, together we are capable of extinguishing mighty fires.  



We yearn for the day when poverty is a thing of a past and the family of humanity sits together as One Spirit gathered at one table forevermore.