It is here I come to wash my spirit clean and let the cerulean blue water and soft supple sand work their magic. There is no tonic so healing as the sea, no tincture so wondrous as sunlight, no prescription more potent then warm white sand mingled with a gentle ocean breeze.

Maui is an island of joy, crowned with the majesty of a gorgeously formidable Haleakala, who stands like a holy sentinel watching over her elegant shores. I make my annual sunrise pilgrimage to the summit, where hope blooms new every morning amidst crisp cool air and molten rock, adorned by sweeping views of dawn’s first light.

The experience is made complete with fresh roasted coffee & homemade goat cheese with caramelized onion quiche found at Kula Lodge nestled upon the mountain, roaring fire and decadent views of the ocean far below make the quest for daybreak complete.

If boldness is an order then a leap of faith is warranted from the alluring Twin Falls, near Paia, where courage has an opportunity to display itself as it plunges into the emerald pool below. There is a small trail leading from the main fall that takes you up and over the ridge to a more secluded fall of enchantment that is absolutely worth exploring.

When a dollop of luxury is needed on a grand scale, Mama’s fish house never disappoints. Hawaii can be found in every delectable bite of the sea fresh fare and the handcrafted Mai Tai’s provide sips from heaven itself.

When daring adventure calls, then the back way to Hana along Piilani Highway is a nail biting favorite. Hillsides adorned with golden grass give way to black lava meeting roiling sea. The big island is visible from here, it all its glory across wind whipped churning open ocean, where Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa smile from afar.

The reward is found near the end, the seven sacred pools accessed from the Pipiwai trail, which winds its way upward, through bamboo forest beside a luscious flowing stream into a treasure chest of grace as this honored land invites you into Paradise.

If you are in the mood for a smoothie, organic homemade soap or a decadent acai bowl then this is the place, The Farmecy in Wailuku. Stalks of sugar cane are used in the creation of their immune building delights and you are given a generous opportunity should you choose it, to pay it forward by providing a meal at cost for the homeless, a receipt is pinned to a cork board and anyone in need can use it for a meal. Conscientious and delicious are a winning combination.

Maui is a playground with natural attractions too numerous to mention, each one threatens to outdo the last. Sometimes though, it simply sitting for the sunrise that does the most good, as clarity is often found in the quiet and mercy is made new every evening.

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