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Her life began with adventure, rumored to having been born in a canoe traveling across the Kootenai River in North Idaho, Christine would go on to become the first female Native American novelist. 
Her published work, Cogewa, was inspired from her eye witness account of the tragic & last wild Buffalo roundup in Montana. In a 1916 interview with the Spokane Times, she thwarted the prevalent stereotypical notion that American Indians did not feel as deeply as whites.
She sought through her storytelling to bridge the gap between the two cultures & to preserve the folklore of the tribal people of the Plateau region. Feeling strongly that education would be a key element in the future of her people, Mourning Dove would spend her life battling the prevailing social, artistic & political currents of the day. 
Upon her death in 1936 Mary Lloyd, a well-known Spokane tribal member, was quoted as saying "The northwest has lost a most valuable citizen." 

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