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The first Native American woman doctor, Susan, the mixed-race daughter of the chief & his wife, herself the daughter of a doctor, was born & raised on the Omaha reservation where she would witness firsthand the brutal & heart wrenching living conditions riddled with disease & poverty.
Her inspiration to practice medicine came after watching a female tribal member die after a white male doctor refused to give her care.
Susan would become the first person to receive federal aid for professional education & graduate at the top of her class from the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation she would return home to practice medicine, oftentimes seeing over 100 patients per month. She would travel across the reservation & the county by horseback or buggy many times in freezing temperatures to tend to the infirm.
She would eventually open a hospital on the reservation funded by private donation & would take her cause to Washington D.C., lobbying Congress in an endeavor to improve tribal people's legal status & citizenship. 
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