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Live Loved

  I find myself tangled up in wildflowers & joy this morning, reflective upon this journey. Of all our 12 scents, this one is nearest & dearest to my heart. More than a scent… a philosophy forged upon the red earth soaked trails of Utah, found beneath canopies of oak in Ojai...whispered in the almost holy blackness of a Great Basin star filled night. Come child, the sunshine & wind seemed to beckon from the sanctuary of peaks & redwoods, come live as one who is loved. Somewhere along the way I would offer up a tentative yes, surrendering once & for all a heavy laden metaphorical backpack of ash & grave dust paired with a cloak of sorrow in...

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Daybreak | Angel's Landing

The air is still and hushed with nightfall. Early awakening always carries with it the temptation of lingering in comfort, where flesh and bone betray the endeavor of rising. We have purposed in our hearts to exchange the usual fare of dawn for a glimpse of the daring infused with the spectacular. Our bold destination is found at the end of a steep chain flanked winding trail along a perilous rocky spine, navigated only by whispered prayers and trusty headlamps. Silently we climb, almost as an act of worship, through inky blackness interrupted only by the grandeur of a silvery moon and precious starlight resting itself upon steep red rock. The canyon air is warm as we cross the bridge...

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