Fireside & Starlight

If we had to choose just one word, just one to describe Fireside & Starlight it would be of all things, the word velvet. Velvet adventure defined as... luxurious adventure, wonderfully lavish dark sky adventure, abundant starlight adventure. The kind of adventure that burns itself into your spirit, takes your breath away and leaves you wanting for more. It is ringed firelight beside clawfoot tubs under intoxicating canopies of redwood and cypress, or a moonlit stone lined path gorgeously laden with pixie blossom scented night air or better yet, milky way bannered inky black sky experienced with generously rich wool blankets and enamelware mugs filled with chest warming hot cocoa.
It‘s a no-holds-barred, live it to the fullest and enjoy it all the while sort of experience, similar to us as… velvet.