Ethics Supply Co
Ethics Supply Co centers around products that are adventure inspired, ethically made and founded from a passion for great design. We seek to offer goods that are handcrafted here in the U.S.A., ethically sourced, and based on the premise that there is a place at the table for both the craftsman and the consumer.

Oftentimes we find our inspiration from the trails we love whether they are found in our own backyard or more exotic locations, that have offered us respite and rejuvenation from the daily grind. We are striving to bring those trails into the home through scent as well as purposeful decor that can be translated from the wilderness we are so fond of to a more urban environment.

Adventure, we feel, is best defined on a personal level and it varies with each individual...whether it be a far off peak inviting itself to be conquered or something more personal found within the quiet confines of the human heart as it seeks to evolve and overcome some of life’s daily challenges.

We thank you for stopping by, we hope you experience our products in the way we have intended them - handcrafted with love and designed to promote honor and worth from what has been a truly grassroots and heartfelt endeavor.

We hand pour our small batch candles ourselves from our warehouse in California. Our candles are crafted using a custom wax blend, created locally just for us, which is comprised of an apricot-coconut wax blend. All of our fragrance is infused with pure essential oils & perfume grade aromatic oil. Our products are cruelty free, petroleum free, soy free, lead free & Phthalate free. Our packaging is recyclable, sustainable & oftentimes can be re purposed.