Yosemite National Park Full Travel Candle

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Yosemite National Parks Firefall

fresh cedar wood · brisk granite ·  black sage

This richly scented candle offers a scent-filled tribute to the glorious iconic Yosemite Firefall of yesteryear.

Thrilling notes of fresh cedarwood, embellished with brisk granite and sumptuous black sage make up this luxurious candle seeking to capture the once-upon-a-time experience of bowls of blazing ember cascading over Glacier Point’s 3000-foot face. 

  • Travel Size - Weight: 3 oz | Burn Time: 18 hours
  • Hand-poured in Oregon
  • Made using a natural apricot-coconut wax blend
  • Infused with essential oils & a proprietary blend of premium-grade aromatic oils
  • Phthalate Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • The paper tube & glass vessel can be recycled or repurposed